"My experience in Kimberley Bentley’s voice studio was crucial to my development as a singer. I studied with her for 3 years during which time she challenged me with repertoire that enhanced my vocal development, coached me through the state, regional, and national level of the NATS competition, and prepared me for the various criteria of collegiate conservatory auditions. Kim’s focus on singing with natural, organic technique provided me with a very strong foundation upon which to continue building as a college undergrad, and because of her teachings I felt very prepared for the challenges that pursuing vocal performance would bring. Kim also isn’t just a voice teacher; she is an amazing mentor who coaches you as a whole person, rather than just your instrument. I cannot count the number of life lessons I learned as a student of hers including having patience with myself and how to be the best person I can be, in addition to the tremendous growth of vocal technique I experienced during my high school years. Her firsthand experience in the field as a professional singer shines through in everything she does as a teacher. She continues to support me in my current endeavors and performances and she is always one of the first people that comes to mind when I want to share my successes. I’ve had my share of voice teachers in the triangle, and I can assure you that Kim is the right choice."

                  ~ Julia, former student studying vocal performance at university

"Though I’ve had a variety of voice teachers, Miss Kim is by far the best. Her combination of having a friendly approach, mixed with her critique and technically focused side, have helped me grow not only as a student, but as a person. In just a few years years with Miss Kim, it is clear that with her help and encouragement, I’m able to accomplish much more then I ever expected."

                  ~ Jenna, current student

"Kim Bentley is an extraordinary teacher, who injects whimsy and joy into her teaching expertise. She demonstrates genuine interest and deeply personal concern for her students – not just the voice, the whole person. This caring spirit instills confidence and allows her students to blossom under her tutelage. Kim truly appreciates and nurtures the uniqueness of each individual voice, and works methodically and passionately to nurture it. She is highly interactive and patient, and demonstrates as much as she instructs. My daughter has grown as a soprano, and as a performer overall, as a result of Kim’s expert and nurturing mentorship."  

                  ~ Pam G, parent of current student

"[Kim] has done amazing things with [my daughter's] abilities and her awareness of how what she does with her body affects her voice. [My daughter's] range is amazing! Every lesson she has with Kim she finds herself able to do even more. I can't recommend her more!"

                  ~ Pam D, parent of current student

"A wonderful singer, teacher and all around great person. Wishing Kim the greatest success."

                  ~ William Vendice, coach and conductor